• “Challenge yourself to experience life from a different perspective.”

  • "Challenge yourself to improve your performance, health and fitness"

  • "When the mind is streched by new experiences it can never return to its former dimensions" (Dr.Kurt Hahn)

  • "...what you are actually doing is creating yourself." (B.Kennelly)

Mérite jeunesse

Mérite Jeunesse Luxembourg is part of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award which is the world’s leading youth achievement award, bringing together practical experiences and equipping young people for life.


I would like to tell you this, because the fruits of the work of the Mérite Jeunesse and Jonk Fuerscher are not always directly visible as they produce no direct net value. However both are wonderful programs, that plant ideas in the mind of young people and build their characters.
Charel Wohl ()

 Duke of Edinburgh's International Award