International Gold Event 2017

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We are proud to announce that Ramona Feidert, a young Gold Award Holder who is helping for several years to organize and supervise expeditions, is representing the Mérite Jeunesse Luxembourg at this years International Gold Event.

The 15th IGE will take place in Czech Republic 25-30 October 2017, with the theme ‘Engaging a younger generation in our sustainable future'.

The International Gold Event brings together participants from all over the world to develop character and leadership skills and provides opportunities to contribute to the development of policy and practice throughout the Award family. The IGE helps participants to facilitate their own contribution to the Award and gives them the chance to meet, to exchange ideas and to establish sustainable networks.


The proposed IGE 2017 Czech Republic programme will provide participants with the opportunity:

• To develop professional skills

• To consider a sample of issues faced by young people

   in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

• To contrast those issues and their possible solutions

   with those found in their own countries or organisations

• Participation in 2017 will enable participants to develop

   broader horizons, with a greater ability to thrive in

   multiple cultures

 Duke of Edinburgh's International Award