The end of summer vacation is very close and many young students will soon face school and reality again.

28.03.2019: Cérémonie de Remise des Insignes - Award Ceremony
Forum Campus Geesseknäppchen (18:45hs)

Record Books w.e.g. bis spéitstens en Méinden den 28. Januar am Mérite Jeunesse Büro ofginn.
Please hand in all completed Record Books by Monday, January 28, 2019.

Are you a group of youngsters aged between 14-25 years and you recently established a project together? Then you can register for the next edition of Prix du Mérite.

Under the section 'Resources' -> 'Award Unit Resources' you find an update of the document with the requirements for the Ad

National Centre for Education (National Award Operator in Latvia) and Gold Award holders association, with the support of European Commission Representation in Latvia, organises International

Le « Project Squat » lance son troisième concours de créativité en partenariat avec la « Kufa » et le service jeunesse d’Esch-sur-Alzette.

Project of the Youth Development Agency




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