FAQ Covid-19 Pandemic

Onglets principaux

Please keep in mind that the Award is a marathon and not a sprint. In circumstances like these, some activities need to be postponed and other activities can be done from home.

The Award is flexible and can be easily adapted to fit your current situation. Do not forget: you have until your 25thbirthday to achieve your Award, and if you need an extension, please contact the National Office.



How should I contact my Award Leader or Activity Coach while school and youth organizations are closed?


You may have an email address or contact number of your Award Leader or Activity Coach you can use to call or send a text. If not, please ask the National Office to put you in touch with your Award Leader.

You might also consider setting up a messaging group on social media with other Award participants, so you can share ideas, motivate each other, and stay in touch during this time.

Please keep in mind that every physical contact should be avoided as far as possible.


I cannot continue my physical activity because the club has closed and/or my team’s training sessions are cancelled. How should I proceed to continue with my Physical section?


Please remember to continue your physical activity only if you are healthy.

If your regular activity is not on now, there are many ways you can continue maintaining relevant strength and fitness. Whilst mass gatherings must be avoided, you could consider walking or running in your local area – or even doing a workout (or practicing your sport) in your garden. Apps like Strava or Google Fit can help you monitor your activities and provide evidence for your Assessor.

There are also lots of fitness sessions and classes that can be followed online (YouTube) and done within your home; from Pilates to learning dance routines, boot camps to HIIT workouts. 

No matter which option is most suitable for you, please talk to your Award Leader in advance, ask for his/her approval, and clarify how you will document your activity.


How can I continue with my Voluntary Service section?


There are many possibilities to continue your Voluntary Service section depending on your activity. You might ask your Award Leader or Activity Coach, if there are things you can do from home, like creating a social media campaign or preparing administrative paperwork.

If this option is not suitable for your activity, you might consider changing your activity. During the pandemic, you can offer your help and, for example, offer grocery shopping to people at risk. This clearly counts as activity for your Voluntary Service section.

Please speak to your Award Leader about these options. If there is no other possibility, you can pause your activity. Please keep in mind that a pause should be the very last option. Before taking a final decision, talk with your Award Leader about every possibility.


My neighbor is self-isolating; can I help do their shopping for my Voluntary Service section?


If you cannot continue your usual activity, this clearly is a great option and a sign of solidarity. 

If this is an option for you now, please keep the sanitary rules and recommendations of the government in mind. Before changing your activity, please seek approval from your Award Leader.


Can I continue my Skills activity from home?


If your usual activity for this section is cancelled, you can consider what you can do from home for this section. If you are playing an instrument or singing, you might intensify your practicing at home. The most common activities for this section can easily be done from home. Ask your Award Leader or Activity Coach, for suitable activities and possible alternatives. You might also consider looking for online tutorials or online learning classes. If this is not an option for you, you can do some research about your project. 

Before taking a final decision, please speak to your Award Leader or Activity Coach to seek their approval and to fix a suitable way of recording your progress.


I wanted to start my Skills section now. Which possibilities do I have?


For this section, there are many possible activities, which can be done from home. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to cook or to bake? Or how to sew? If you are playing an instrument, you can practice at home. You can also consider learning a new language or learning how to draw/paint. You can also consider taking an online course on a certain subject.

A complete listing of every possible activity for the Skills section is available under this link: https://merite.jeunesse.lu/sites/default/files/pages/files/DofE-programme-ideas.pdf

Before starting your activity, please speak to your Award Leader and ask for approval.


My Adventurous Journey is cancelled. What should I do now?


If you planned an Adventurous Journey for April, it has to be postponed. Most Adventurous Journeys will be organized later this year. The responsible Assessor will inform you as soon as possible.

If you are leaving your Award Unit, before you had the possibility to catch up on the Adventurous Journey, ask your Assessor, if you still can join the expedition. If this option is not suitable for you, you might consider taking part in the next national expedition. If not, please contact the National Office and together we will find a solution for your situation.


I registered for the national expedition. What should I do now?


Your registration is still valid, just as the registration for the preparation workshop planned for 28thMarch 2020. If the national expedition has to be postponed, we will inform you as soon as possible via email and the new date will be published on our website.

The preparation workshop will probably take place together with the practice expedition. More information will follow as soon as possible.


I had to cancel my Gold Residential Project. What should I do now?


If you had planned a Gold Residential Project for the upcoming weeks, it probably has been cancelled. Your planned project might be postponed to a later date and you can catch up on it as soon as the situation has calmed down. Try to prepare as much as possible from home. Please speak with your Award Leader or the person responsible of the project about your possibilities.