Onglets principaux

I am Charel Wohl and I participated twice at the Contest for young Scientists in Luxembourg with a project about ’Defence of Garlic Against Herbivory and Heavy Metals’. Following this I participated at prestigious international contests, like EUCYS 2011 and LIYSF 2011. I won a silver medal for scientific thinking at INESPO in 2012. At the same time I did my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award as a direct entrant.

I recently accepted an offer onto an amazing PhD project. During the PhD I will take measurements of trace organic gases in both polar seas, my first steps on the training path of becoming a Polar Researcher.

Application for this project was ignited by the amazing collaboration between the Mérite Jeunesse and Jonk Fuerscher in Luxembourg. I took the adventure spirit and resourcefulness thought by the Mérite Jeunesse and the research skills to be found at Jonk Fuerscher, extrapolated both and ended up with this.

I would like to tell you this, because the fruits of the work of the Mérite Jeunesse and Jonk Fuerscher are not always directly visible as they produce no direct net value. However both are wonderful programs, that plant ideas in the mind of young people and build their characters. Ultimately this has a tremendous effect on society and the world as a whole. These people are doing lots of good.