The Award during the COVID-19 Pandemia

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As we know the COVID-19 outbreak has reached Luxembourg, and this also has effects on you doing and delivering the Award.
Please postpone EVERY Adventurous Journey and Gold Residential Project that was scheduled for March and/or April.
Under some circumstances, you may continue doing your Award activities for the other 3 sections, if you are not in contact with people at risk and if you follow the guidelines of the Luxembourgish Government. Please consider to do as many activities alone and from home as possible in order to flatten the curve.

Please keep in mind that the Award is a marathon and not a sprint. In circumstances like these, it means you can pause an activity or postpone your expedition. The Award is flexible, and allows you to adapt your program in these exceptional circumstances. Here are some options you can consider to continue your activities and progress with your Award:

For the skills, physical recreation, and voluntary service section, you may continue working towards your goals from home. Your activity coach might be able to give you tasks you can complete from home, or, you can find an online tutorial that fits your goal. Please confirm with your Award Leader and make sure you always document your progress!

If the above options do not work for you, you may change your goal(s) and even your activities. This is an exception, allowing you to make progress towards completing your Award under exceptional circumstances.

For the Adventurous Journey and the Gold Residential project, please consider to do as much preparation from home as you can. However, both the Adventurous Journey and the Gold Residential Project will have to be postponed until further notice.

If the Adventurous Journey is the only activity missing for you to complete your Award at Bronze or Silver level, you may continue to the next Award level - provided you have finished that section within the current level, have reached the minimum age of the next level, and are not working on all three levels at the same time.

In some cases, you may decide that it is best to pause or postpone an activity - in this case, it is okay to continue at a later time.
Please confirm with your Award Leader to make sure you find the best option for you.

We will keep you updated as the situation evolves. 
Here are some further recommendations from the International Award:…/covid-19-virus-outbreak-award/…