Temporary Changes to the Award

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Temporary changes to the Award: applicable only until December 31, 2020

1)      Age requirements: All participants due to reach their 25th birthday between April and December 2020 receive a blanket extension until December 31, 2021 (applicable to all Award levels).

2)      Adventurous Journey (AJ) – Bronze level: The Bronze practice journey can be waved, or, where participants already completed a Bronze practice journey in 2019, can be counted as final / qualifying journey.

3)      Adventurous Journey (AJ) – Bronze to Silver level: Participants who wish to continue to Silver may do so before completing their Bronze AJ and are then awarded their Bronze once the Silver practice AJ is completed. This change will mean that Bronze participants do not need to do complete a Bronze AJ to complete Bronze. The intention is to incentivise young people to progress to Silver, and to take the pressure off organisations later on in the year who cannot run multiple Bronze and Silver AJs at the same time.

→ Both options (2+3) are intended as a last resort and should be applied only if the Award Leader is confident that the group is able to do a Qualifying Journey, based on: a thorough health and safety risk assessment of the AJ; the team demonstrating acquisition of the required knowledge and skills from training and preparation; and the team having successfully come together to establish their roles and norms.


4)      Adventurous Journey (AJ) – Bronze, Silver and Gold level: All AJs may be organized in an environment that is familiar to the group, so as to limit traveling to an absolute minimum. Participants are allowed more flexibility and choice regarding accommodation for an AJ. They may choose to sleep in individual tents or at a youth hostel, for example. Every accommodation needs to comply with the local and national hygiene and safety measures under COVID-19.

Please recall that these modifications are limited in time and will expire on December 31, 2020.


Update regarding current Award activities:


As of today, schools in Luxembourg are not yet allowed to do or take on extracurricular activities. This applies to all expeditions / Award AJs, and we kindly ask you to comply with this rule. Permission to re-launch extracurricular activities, including AJs, can only be given by the Ministry of Education, through the school's director/management.

Once you start planning AJs for the Award again, please remember:

  • to comply with the local and national hygiene and safety measures under COVID-19 – no matter where your AJ will take you and your group;
  • to register every AJ with the national office at least 3 weeks prior to departure.

As always, responsibility for the AJ rests with the Award unit and the responsible Adventurous Journey Leader.

If some of your participants are interested in joining this year’s national expedition, please let us know as soon as possible  (merite@youth.lu). We are hoping to offer a national expedition at Bronze and Silver level on the weekend of November 6-8, 2020.