What is the award

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The International Award for Young People is available to all 14-24 year olds and is the world’s leading youth achievement award. It equips young people for life regardless of their background, culture, physical ability, skills and interests.

Today more than 130 countries have adopted The International Award program with over 8 million young people having participated worldwide.

The Award is a non-competitive, internationally recognized program designed to encourage young people to develop positive skills and lifestyle habits.

The Award is about personal challenge and development and is adaptable according to each participant’s interests and abilities.

The Award concept is one of individual challenge. It presents young people a balanced programme of voluntary activities which encourages personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and service to their community.
Young people design their own Award programme, set their own goals and record their own progress. They choose a Service, Physical Recreation, Skills activity and go on an Adventurous Journey.